Weekly Musings

  • Add seasickness prevention to the list of things that Benedryl can do. The active ingredient in Benedryl is the same as the active ingredient in the most common seasickness pill here: Mareol
  • It is becoming more likely than not for me to get to work, have the building and herbarium locked up, and have to wait 20 minutes for someone to come open the door. I don’t know why they don’t give me a key.
  • Another thing I don’t understand: If the washing machine is in use, there is no hot water. Without fail. Apparently its irrelevant that the washing machine doesn’t even use hot water, and there are completely separate pipes.
  • This makes me laugh every time I walk past it on the way to Town from the Station:


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  1. […]             While sitting on the upper deck after dinner, our guide Johan, commented that there were no more seasickness pills available on board, and that if anyone wanted to buy some this would be the last chance. Plus, he warned, the trip to Genovesa, one of the outlying islands in the north, can get rough. At this point I felt like I entered “The Situation Room.” Other people compared it to “Tribal Council” from Survivor. In any case, we all started discussing what to do to combat this new obstacle, if it would cause problems to any of us, or not, and what we should do about it. Eventually Sean volunteered to go buy a big box of anti-seasickness pills and everyone could pitch in a couple of dollars. I didn’t think I would need them–I haven’t ever needed to take them in the past–but 40 cents a pill seemed like pretty cheap insurance (like most insurance, I fortunately never had to collect the benefits). Stan, Kaitlyn, and I went with, mostly just because walking through town seemed more interesting than sitting on a boat. In addition to getting the pills (which took about five minutes) we all sat on the dock as Sean browsed the internet on his phone using the elusive REDGAL public wi-fi looking to see if it was okay for Kaitlyn to take them while also using her seasickness patch. We never found conclusive information, only that the pills seem to be a synthetic version of the ingredient in her patch and that the active ingredient is used to treat other medical problems too. […]


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